About Creaid

CREAID is a non-profit organization with a targeted humanitarian mandate, served through creative and artistic initiatives. Its fundamental principle is “Create to Aid,” and it aims to combine creativity through works of art to aid those in need. It is an organization that uses the artistic inspiration and creations of its supporters in order to provide assistance to the local community and raise awareness through those creative and artistic initiatives.

CREAID consists of a group of young, dynamic people who aim at the effective relief of weak social groups while promoting creative thinking, imagination, noble competition, and entrepreneurship. The passion to create fuels the need to aid that leads to collective actions of citizens without state interventions.

The project “Designer Lights” is CREAID’s second project, after the successful completion of the project “Tote Bags.” This year, CREAID invited renowned Greek and international designers, architects and artists to design their own light fixture (floor, wall, roof or installation). Each artistic creation is a unique piece of art and is produced as a single item for the purposes of the auction of CREAID’s Designer Lights project only. The total proceeds will be used to create a playground for the Athens General Children’s Hospital.

To preview the Designer Lights collection, please click here.


President – Founder: Marina Vernicos
Vice President: Miltos Kambourides
Secretary: Kallia Kambourides
Treasurer: Dimitra Vezirouli