1. Registration:
    Users must register an account to participate in the auction. Registration requires providing personal information such as name, email address.
  2. Bidding:
    Registered users can place bids on items they are interested in. Each bid should be higher than the previous bid, meeting or exceeding the minimum bid increment of 100 €.
  3. Reserve Price:
    There is no reserve price . Creaid Auction starts with 0€.
  4. Bid Increments:
    The bid increment for Art and Design is 100 €
  5. Auction Duration:
    Auction duration for Art & Design is from 14/April – 21/April
  6. Winning Bidder:
    The highest bidder at the end of the auction wins the item and is obligated to complete the purchase. They will be notified via email .
  7. Payment:
    Winning bidders must make payment for the item within a specified time frame and using approved payment methods Via Bank transfer – Card Payment – Paypal Payment . Failure to pay may result in penalties or account suspension.
  8. Shipping and Delivery:
    Creaid is responsible for shipping the item to the winning bidder within a reasonable time frame.The winner is responsible for the Shipping costs and delivery options .
  9. Pick your Winning Item:
    Pick your winning item from 11 Voukourestiou Athens Greece 10671 . Please let us know when you will pick up your item at info@creaid.com
  10. Terms of Service:
    Users must agree to the platform’s terms of service, which outline their rights and obligations while using the auction platform.
  11. Customs:
    Please note that according to the terms of the auction, the responsibility for customs fees lies with the buyer
  12. Privacy and Security:
    Creaid ensure the privacy and security of users’ personal information and financial transactions through encryption and other security measures.