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Lakis Gavalas

A contemporary unique art piece inspired by the armor and styling of 1821’s Greek Revolution which was created by Lakis Gavalas especially for the non-profit organization CREAID and the project ‘Designer Jewelry’.
The art piece consists of:

A. A double-gold plated bronze handmade headpiece / earpiece jewelry inspired by the Yatagan and Posi (head scarf), which is externally carved in flower and vineyards patterns and internally engraved on an abstract scripture of the Hymn to Liberty, part of which the National Anthem is.

B. A double-gold plated white bronze handmade moustache inspired by the warriors’ moustaches engraved on an abstract scripture of the Hymn to Liberty.

C. A male bust.

D. A plexiglass base in which the Hymn to Liberty has been printed as a text in its entirety.

Materials Used: Double-gold plated bronze with gold 18K, double-gold plated white bronze with gold 18K, plexiglass, plaster, color, printed text.

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