This magnificent silver (925˚) bracelet called ‘Oleipherous’, which literaly means porter of olives, has been designed by APERGI as a homage to goddess Athena, who won the competition between herself and Poseidon for the possession of Athens. Poseidon proceeded in thrusting his trident into one side of the cliff of Acropolis, where water instantly gushed out. The people admired this a lot, but unfortunately the water was salty, as it represented Poseidon’s kingdom of the seas, and thus regarded as quite useless to them.
When Athena’s turn came to offer a gift, she chose to plant the first olive tree beside Poseidon’s well of water. It was a gift that provided the city with food, precious olive oil and timber, which were regarded as very useful to the city and its residents.
The court of the Olympian gods, here represented by twelve oval peridots, ruled in favour of Athena, for her gift was superior to the previous one, and thus granted her the right to name the city after her name.
This bracelet has been created using a combination of the latest computer technology, with traditional techniques and handwork from the best craftsmen of the greek market. Anatomical and light when worn and to the eye, it is undoubtedly one of Apergi’s collections more beautiful designs, and representative of her work.