Coco-Nat Light

The Coco-Nat Light is a wooden table light in­spired from the coconut fruit due to its shape, texture and the numerous ways it cracks open for us to consume it. When it splits in two, its brown, hard-shelled seed reveals a white flesh with fluid-filled central cavity. This unexpected contrast was the driving force for our design.

Based on this idea we created this small wood­en light which is extra thick on the outside, but with the touch of a button a bright and sleek internal content suddenly appears. Each part rotates horizontally and diffuses the light to­wards several directions, from the entirely closed position to the wide open one. The user can choose its scale depending on his needs and mood, and as a result the Coco-Nat is trans­formed each time to a different lighting object.

Like the fruit when split in two, The |Co|Co-Nat Light consists of two wooden hemispherical parts which are connected with a cylindrical metal rotating mechanism.The two parts are banded with a leather strap that controls the light’s aperture from close to open position. Its material is solid beech wood with 15 mm thickness. Imitating the internal white flesh of a coconut, the interior is lacquered with a satin white tone which reflects and scatters the light beautifully to the surroundings.


Athanasiou Douli, Manufacturer
Cleanthis Dimitris, Photography