Antistress Lighting

Technical Specifications

Main Lamp: Shell, Gourd-Calebasse, Greek origin in natural colour, coated with clear varnish. 6 years desiccation.

Base: Beech Wood AA, sculpted on the lathe. Painted with natural Sepia watercolour and clear varnish. Ring of Brass.

Internal disk: Shell partition, coloured with Aniline.

Disk support Stem: Silver stick Φ1mm.

Power supply: Compact Adapter 12V, 1A, AC/DC

Lamp: LED, 1,5W on G4 base.

The design and preparation of the shell is handmade, by Nikos Kroupis, Architect DPLG, MSc Lighting Multimedia.

The piece is offered to the NGO CREAID, for the project “Designers’ Lights”, with a cover of transparent Plexiglass.