Figures Under the Light

A favorite game of our childhood, was to “discover” the hidden figures in mosaics floors and in wardrobes made of walnut.

These two materials became an enormous source of imagination, full of stories, faces, animals, fairytales, and fears.

Maybe this is the reason I prefer to see the walnut polished, so I can look for figures more easily. Maybe this is the reason I prefer to see the walnut surrounded by old materials, so it can remind me of the time passing and the beautiful oxidation of years.

In this piece, a light is added.

A grand light, excessive in size and appearance, but low in brightness….
….thus, everyone can see or seek whatever his imagination allows.

A source of fantasy made of walnut that teeters on its metal base.

An enlighted game of mind….

Solid Greek walnut
Iron base aged with natural materials
Fabric cable
Lamp: Edison 100watt – 170lumens
Metal details
Inline dimmer

Design by: Nikos Tilkeridis

Manufacture (handmade): Nikos Tilkeridis

Photos: Aris Nikolaidis