Ambient, wall mounted, decorative lighting fixture made of Corian DuPont Glacier Ice

Items / cells: 2

Suggested mounting height (top side): 1950 mm

Aristotle, and later on, Descartes described that light travels in a manner similar to waves in the ocean. This notion would evolve into the wave theory of light.

“Lightwaves” is a potentially infinite grid of cells, an undulating landscape of form and light that evokes a flowing sensation of resonating waves.

The series of single cell variations is generated by applying parametric processes. The algorithm enables continuity of form at neighboring cells and ensures that each singularity has its own unique fingerprint shape.

The fabricated result is a pair, a rectangular group, or a random cluster of singularities of this evolving process.

Corian DuPont Glacier Ice was used to best capture the animate form of the smooth rippling effect and to let the light vibrate through the material.

Alexandros Massouridis
Myrto Theodoraki

Special Τhanks:
L4a – Lighting for Architecture
for the supply of materials, their support and kind participation in the project