Petal Table Lamp

A composition of three interlocking planes, bending and dissecting each other, our Petal Table Lamp is a study of lines, planes and voids, and their transformation from the one – to the three-dimensional.

Its shiny, mirror-like finish creates an illusion of depth, as the object itself vanishes by perfectly reflecting its surroundings. A soft, warm and geometrical ambient light is emitted, as the light source is multiplied on all the shiny interior surfaces.

Architects by education and profession, we experiment in the design, technical implementation and fabrication of objects in related fields regardless of scale – anything that adds usability, beauty and elegance to our everyday lives.

We want to create, as artisans, objects in radically different styles, directed by the architectural principles of morphological clarity, functionality, sensitivity to materials and craftsmanship. We are particularly inspired by the Greek urban fabric and styles of the early 20th century, which we regard as a point of departure for innovative and imaginative solutions.

Material: Mirror polished bronze