Love, Joy, Happiness and the Beauty of Life

Reflect lighting unit consists of a 20cm x 40cm x 3cm, marble base and four independent plexiglass surfaces of different dimensions (the tallest being 30cm), placed vertically along the marble base. The word “Reflect” is carved on one of the plexiglass surfaces in such a way that when the unit is illuminated, the word “Reflect” is projected on all the other illuminated plexiglass surfaces.  Our thought was that in our lives, each one of us should be a beacon of love, joy, happiness and the beauty of life to everyone around us, illuminating them with all those principles.

“Reflect” illuminates in many different cool colours from light blue, purple and green, even red, through a remote control device, symbolizing all our mood or psychological changes. There is always the choice of white light, for the ultimate feeling of soul uplifting and euphoria. It is up to the user to choose the lighting most suitable for his state of mind!

Stauroula Kleidaria, architect
Athina Pentefounda, architect

Lighting: Michail Christidis, Petridis Lighting

Marble: Marbles Manologlou