The Fossilised Mushroom

“Long before trees overtook the land, the surface of the earth was covered in gigantic mushrooms.”

The science behind this sentence remains inconclusive, still it makes for a curious piece of information and the starting point of an imaginary exploration of a prehistoric landscape. The fossilised mushroom is the first in a limited edition series of fossilised objects, inspired by a theoretical journey of archaic scenery.

Onyx marble was the material of choice for this first object of the fossil series, primarily due to its translucency and the dramatic and unique variances in colour and veining. Conceptually, onyx’s preciousness nods to the invaluable uniqueness of an actual fossil. A rare, softer, more fragile stone compared to other natural materials, it is millions of years old quartz crystals fused together into translucent layers of stone.

The cap and stem of the artificial fungus were “excavated” from two separate pieces of onyx marble, both adding up to a 300 kg mass. The gills, the ribs found under the mushroom cap, were made from clear perspex. The cap was crafted from a honey-coloured, relatively darker onyx piece, while the base of the lamp from a lighter coloured one. The two different colours where selected purposely, as when lit, the cap appears to be different shades of red, creating a rather whimsical effect of a caricature mushroom. The glowing red cap and cream coloured stem give a contrasting, quite pop edge, to an otherwise lavish and imposing object.

** Special thanks to Alexandros Giris and Stratos Skrimizeas for their invaluable help in constructing the mushroom as well as George Fakaros for the amazing photoshoot.

Photo credits: George Fakaros