The Geometry of Light

A table light designed by Yatzer’s founder Costas Voyatzis and Greek architect Georgios Dimitrakopoulos for CREAID Designers’ Lights project 2016.

When Costas Voyatzis was asked to design a light for CREAID Designers’ Lights project 2016, he chose to collaborate with Georgios Dimitrakopoulos because his background in architecture and design made him absolutely ideal to implement the table light that was already formulating in Costas’ mind.

Taking their cues from the four core sections that are at the heart of Yatzer, Costas and Georgios chose to create a light fixture that exemplifies each: Travel, Architecture, Design and Art. The light’s design is a composite of the geometric shapes that Yatzer has attributed to each of these sections – just hover your mouse over Yatzer’s main menu on the homepage to see what happens! Hence, the marble circle at the base of the light stands for TRAVEL (a circle because the world is round), the wooden triangle in the center for ARCHITECTURE (in tribute to the set square ruler used by architects which is in the shape of a triangle), the ceramic square at the top of the light fixture stands for DESIGN (a square as in a canvas or a designer’s overview blueprint), while the plexiglass line that runs through the fixture, illuminating and uniting each of these three shapes, stands for ART (because everything in art begins with a simple, straight line).

Just as Yatzer’s four core sections merge harmoniously with each other and, in fact, one leads to the other (when a person travels to a new place they view the local architecture and experience new ideals of beauty in design and art) these four geometric shapes also coexist and inform each other.


Plexiglass (line). Ceramic (square). Black Marble from Vitina, Greece (circle). Walnut wood (triangle).


Project Name: The Geometry Of Light

Project Type: Table Light

Concept/Art direction: Costas Voyatzis { instagram @Yatzer }

Design/Development: Georgios Dimitrakopoulos { instagram @geo_di }

Special thanks for their contribution during the development process to:

Designer Urania Gazelli

Miltiades Psyllias, R&D_ IFI GROUP, Architectural Lighting Works. |

Ilias Halkiotis, OEM sales manager _ OSRAM HELLAS. |

Instrument makers Sébastien Seixas and Vasilis Koutsilieris.

Designer and ceramist Thomas Kotsigiannis.

OSRAM LED specs:

OSRAM PrevaLED® LED Z4 2000


0/1-10V Dimming

Color temperature: 3.000 K

Color rendering index (CRI): 85

Power factor. > 0.96.

LED lifetime: 50 000 hours


CE _2006/95/EC_ 1194/2012_ 2011/65/EU_ EN 62031_ ENEC 10 _ DIN 62013 VDE