The Mirror of the Unseen

How can light reveal the transitory space between reality and myth, finished and unfinished thresholds, pristine man-made objects and chaotic forms of nature?

The ‘Mirror of the Unseen’ works as matrix partially shaped by a craftsman’s hands and partially machine-milled after having been designed using digital software.

Under certain lighting conditions, the matrix works as a mirror – a regular reflective glass surface, but as its environment darkens, the mirror transforms into a deep, dark tunnel, lit up with an irregular sprinkling of light to reveal its enigmatic and obscure essence.

The viewer is invited to view a reflection of themselves, or to look down into another realm, covered in mystery.

Τhe object is made out of mirrored glass and bardiglio marble. The light requires an electrical connection to a power source.

Design optimization for fabrication:
Decode Fab Lab
Marble manufacture: Technomarm / Gkiris Ioannis & Sia EE
Lighting system provider: ELECTRON SA
Photos: Nikos Alexopoulos