Our Projects

  • Project: Haute Couture Collection

    This year’s new project, entitled “Haute Couture Collection” pertains to Haute Couture and Limited Edition objects that will be donated by our Greek and International supporters from around the world. This current exhibition and auction will be our fourth one and the proceeds will be allocated towards the creation of a playground for the Children’s Hospital “Agia Sofia .

  • Project: Designer Jewelry

    CREAID’s third project was “Designer Jewelry”. Marina Vernicos, the president of the organization, invited 110 jewelry designers from Greece and abroad, to design their own unique creations, which were auctioned. The proceeds from this auction will be used to create an indoor space for games and activities for the Athens General Children’s Hospital.

  • Project: Designer Lights

    CREAID’s second project “Designer Lights” and its aim was to create a playground for the Athens General Children’s Hospital.

    Marina Vernicos, President of CREAID, invited renowned Greek designers, architects and artists to design their own light (floor, wall, roof, installation etc).

  • Project: 200 Unique Tote Bags

    The event was a Tote Bag auction, the proceeds of which were used to purchase a mobile medical unit for the Greek Chapter of “Médecins du Monde”, a global organization of volunteers that provide healthcare to unprivileged people.